Initiate, Transform, Sustain, Reach Out

Post Natyam Collective Members Reflect on Long-Distance Collaboration

A poem…
… that is part of Cynthia’s artbook, Harassing the Sanskrit Heroine, was exhibited at the art installation, Trace, as part of the Instruments of Risk series at Sea and Space Explorations Gallery, Los Angeles CA in November 2009. The poem ]wrist[ is loosely inspired by Kahe Rukata, a traditional thumri (light classical Hindustani song-form) attributed to Bindadin Maharaj.

a delicate bandage a bone a twiggy little snap. oh slim white stab of a waist unwrapped. blackened sweet. a virgin chocolate bar crinkles her glittery skirt but such a disapproving purse. disapproving she twists her bittermelon mouth splitting shut. oh. oh oh no. white hot mirchi stops dead in her tracks. cut red. a rough and ready grab, a wolf whistling fist, an iron bangle tapping her curved rear.

 …becomes a dance film…
… by Anjali Tata that was screened at the lecture-demonstration, Post Natyam Unveiled as part of the Khmer Arts Salon Series at the Khmer Arts Academy, Long Beach CA, 5/10 and with live tabla accompaniment at Moving Beyond Form, Asian Arts Initiative, Philadelphia PA, 2/10.

Video: ]wrist[

…which is projected on a live performer’s body…
… as part of the live dance piece, Ranri (widow/courtesan) (solo version), choreographed and performed by Shyamala Moorty as part of DISHA at the Rabindranath Tagore Centre, Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Kolkata, India, 8/10.

Video: Ranri (widow/courtesan) – excerpt from solo version // password: ranri

… and whose choreography performed as a live video feed

… in The Thorn, the Leaf, and the Butterfly, choreographed by Shyamala Moorty with Cynthia Ling Lee and Anjali Tata, performed at universities and theaters throughout the US, including the National Asian American Theater Festival, Los Angeles CA (6/11) and University of Wisconsin-Madison (4/11).

Video: The Thorn, the Leaf, and the Butterfly (excerpt) // password: thorn

Cynthia Ling Lee, Sandra Chatterjee (2012): Initiate, Transform, Sustain, Reach Out. Post Natyam Collective Members Reflect on Long-Distance Collaboration. In: p/art/icipate – Kultur aktiv gestalten #01 ,