Artistic Interventions II: “Artistic Interventions and Education as Critical Practice”

As continuation of the symposium series Artistic Interventions. Collaborative and self-organized practices. With a focus on anti-racist and feminist perspectives held in autumn 2013, we are organizing for the current semester, a symposium on Artistic Interventions and Education as Critical Practice – (Un)learning processes, community engagement, and solidarity scheduled for April 2014.

This symposium’s presentations and two Workshops — with Janna Graham/Centre for Possible Studies, Nicolas Vass/ Precarious Workers Brigade, and Annette Krauss/Read-in — will explore the ways that artistic interventions can create open and shared collaborative and informal learning spaces for empowerment and agency in educational contexts, and in exchange and solidarity with social movements.

Focusing on critical practices at various intersections of the arts and education and exploring new settings of research and action aiming at social transformation, this symposium will offer possibilities to discuss and actively engage in practices — especially during the in-depth workshops — that challenge (un)learning processes and hierarchical knowledge systems, and develop interventions (in public space) related to the issue of community engagement and artist solidarity.


Presentations: April 4th, 2014: 9 a.m.–12 noon
Annette Krauss: In Search of the Missing Lessons
Janna Graham & Nicolas Vass: What We Didn’t Learn at Art School: The Politics of Solidarity

Janna Graham & Nicolas Vass: Crazy Little Thing Called Love: The Ethics of Solidarity, in English
Annette Krauss: Practices of Unlearning, in English/German

April 4th, 2014: 1 –5 p.m.
April 5th, 2014: 9 a.m.–5 p.m. (public presentations from 4–5 p.m.)


The symposium and workshops are open to all students of the University of Salzburg, Mozarteum University, and the interested public. The workshops have limited space for participants, therefore early registration is required. The events are organized by Dr. Elke Zobl and Mag. Laila Huber from the program area Arts & Cultural Production, Schwerpunkt Wissenschaft und Kunst.

There is no conference or workshop fee.

Registration for symposia and workshops is required by March 28, 2014!

To register, please contact Roswitha Gabriel (

Conference organization:

Program area Contemporary Arts & Cultural Production
Focus Wissenschaft & Kunst
University of Salzburg in cooperation with Mozarteum University
Bergstraße 12 / 1st floor
5020 Salzburg
Tel: 0662 8044 2383
Concept and organization: Elke Zobl (, Laila Huber (
Administration: Roswitha Gabriel (

A cooperation with Salzburg College.


Janna Graham, originally trained in geography, has developed radical research and pedagogical projects in and outside of the arts for many years. Graham is a member of the international sound and political art collective Ultra-red, works with the Precarious Workers Brigade in London, and is currently Projects Curator at the Serpentine Gallery. There she and others have created the Centre for Possible Studies, a research space and artistic residency in which artists and local people create “studies of the possible” that expose and respond to social inequities in the Edgware Road neighborhood of London.

Nicolas Vass works with a number of London-based collectives in response to injustices in cultural labor, education, and UK migration policy. For many years he has developed the performance Re-constructing Hasil, a tribute to depression era one man band Hasil Adkins, looking at issues of contemporary cultural labor, austerity, and performativity. He is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Leicester developing a study of where value is produced in the chain of contemporary art fabrication.

Annette Krauss (based in Utrecht/NL) received her MA in Fine Arts from the Art Academy Malmoe in 2002. In her conceptual-based practice she addresses the intersection of art, politics, and everyday life. Her work revolves around informal knowledge and (institutionalized) normalization processes that shape our bodies, the way we use objects and engage in social practices and how these influence the way we know and act in the world. Her artistic work emerges through the intersection of different media, such as performance, film, historical and everyday research, pedagogy, and texts. She explores the possibilities of participatory practices, self-organization, and investigations into institutional structures.

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