Cultural Production in Theory and Practice

MA Thesis projects from the cohort 2010-2012

The first ULG MA in Cultural Production started with an exciting and very lively atmosphere in the fall of 2010. Full of enthusiasm and ideas, students from various parts of the world – Armenia, Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Canada/Netherlands/Spain, USA/Mexico – began to develop their cultural projects.

Throughout the course the MA thesis projects have been developed within five modules:

Module 1: Art, Culture and Communication
Module coordinators: Elisabeth Klaus, Siglinde Lang, Elke Zobl
Within a cultural studies framework, key theoretical and practical understandings of cultural, communications and media theories with an emphasis on the intersections and connections between aesthetics, art, society and cultural production, have been studied.

Module 2: Cultural Economics, Politics and Law
Module coordinator: Monika Mokre
The main aim of this module has been to explore cultural production in the context of its economic, political and legal environment at local, regional, national and EU levels. By using case studies, the ways in which productions of art, culture and media influence economics, politics and law have been discussed.

Module 3: Cultural Management Processes
Module coordinator: Siglinde Lang
This module presented a process-oriented approach to management that breaks down the boundaries between cultural production and management-based theories of organisation and communication. Contemporary strategies and methods in the areas of fundraising and sponsoring, audience development and marketing, mediation of art and culture and cooperative project management have been studied and implemented.

Module 4: Topical Focus
Module coordinator: Elke Zobl
Students attend a three-week internship that corresponds to their personal interests with an Austrian or international organization in order to get expertise in one of three different topical clusters: Space & Location, Vision & Change and Networks & Decentralization.

Module 5: Research Semester
In the process of writing their MA Thesis’, each student is supported by coaches and supervisors. To receive the MA degree, participants of the program have to successfully defend their thesis and pass the final exam in front of a commission.

It is our great pleasure to introduce the MA thesis projects that have been developed by the students in the first cohort >>

(Introduction by program directors Elisabeth Klaus and Elke Zobl)

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