Initiate, Transform, Sustain, Reach Out

Post Natyam Collective Members Reflect on Long-Distance Collaboration

Video: Cyber Chat 1

The Post Natyam Collective is a grassroots, web-based coalition of women dance artists and scholars who critically and creatively engage with South Asian dance. Our members are: Sandra Chatterjee (Munich/Salzburg/New Delhi), Shyamala Moorty (Los Angeles), Cynthia Ling Lee (Los Angeles), and Anjali Tata (Kansas City), with Sangita Shresthova (Los Angeles/Prague) as an affiliated multimedia choreographer). Largely unfunded, we rely on the resourceful use of free internet technologies to collaborate across distance.

You might wonder what Post Natyam means. Half English, half Sanskrit, half critical theory, half classical treatise, “post” is, among other possibilities, postmodern, postcolonial, and the cyber post, while “natyam” refers to the interdisciplinary conjunction of drama, dance, and music in Indian performance tradition.

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