PostcARTs from Salzburg

A project developed in the seminar ‚Speaking and Writing about Art in English’

Putting ‚Art‘ in ‚postcArts‘ – the motifs | Why is this your view of Salzburg?

Elisabeth Hillinger | Choreographer, Dancer, Soprano
Photo title: Open

I was looking for a different, ‚unpolished‘ angle to represent the city of Salzburg, which is most often shown in its cozy and nice aspects. This turned out to be more difficult than I thought it would be.
At first glance, Salzburg is cute, gorgeous, pretty, or to put it simply: NICE AND LOVELY!
Salzburg is full of history and rich in tradition, both of which have greatly helped to form the city’s appearance, but this is also a corset in which it is hard to act, to find new possibilities and room for development.
All these aspects are united in the picture of the window.
The old, but open window, acts as a symbol of the historical heritage of the city and a chance for an open mind. The shelves in the window represent a new way of using old spaces and of enlarging old structures, which at the same time creates a barrier to an unhindered view.

Elisabeth Hillinger: Open

Günter Konrad | Painter
Photo title: Salzburg / Innerer Stein

Covert and discovered history 172 is one picture in my current work series.
In it, I merge digitalized, famous single works of art history (Innerer Stein by Friedrich Loos, 1838) with my own paintings and photographs of decollages, tags, and urban fragments that I have collected over the past twenty years. I paint using existing pictures and aim to establish a link between the past and the present. So, on the one hand you have the art-historical artifacts of high culture from past eras and on the other hand, the codes, the inscriptions of the current visual grammar. My aim is to combine these two approaches to art in my work and so create something utterly new. The Innere Stein is my favorite view of Salzburg. It is the B-Side but the sunny side of the old town and I like this picture because no cars can be seen.

Günter Konrad: Salzburg / Innerer Stein

Carina Samitz, Manuela Seethaler, Katharina Steinhauser, Julija Krištof ( 2017): PostcARTs from Salzburg. A project developed in the seminar ‚Speaking and Writing about Art in English’. In: p/art/icipate – Kultur aktiv gestalten # 08 ,