PostcARTs from Salzburg

A project developed in the seminar ‚Speaking and Writing about Art in English’

Manuela Seethaler | Photographer, Cultural Manager
Photo title: Hidden

 For more than five years I have dedicated myself to photography. As a photographer, I frequently discover new and different perspectives of Salzburg that go beyond the usual postcard motifs. My photo Hidden, which shows (or rather does not show) the Salzburg fortress covered with fog, was taken as part of a special series emphasizing the surreal. The photo indirectly asks: “What would Salzburg be without its fortress?” In my view, the answer to this question is clear: Behind Salzburg’s façade of high culture and history lies a lot more than a beautiful and perfect cityscape. My motif points to spaces and locations for art and culture in Salzburg that are not visible at first glance, but are nonetheless omnipresent. Whether these spaces and locations are ’seen‘ or not depends on the eye of the beholder.

Manuela Seethaler: Hidden

Manuela Seethaler: Hidden

Nico Samitz | Trumpet player, composer
Picture title: Hans Gansch Farewell Fanfare

I had the pleasure of studying with  Hans Gansch, an Austrian trumpet legend, at the Mozarteum Salzburg for two years (until his retirement). When he decided to retire, our trumpet class was very sad. Everyone loved him, not only because he was one of the greatest players, but also one of the nicest and fairest teachers. He transmitted his knowledge of trumpet playing, and also his natural and honest attitude toward life. We wanted to give him a very special farewell gift. I collected different melodies he had played and taught during his career and combined them in a medley for brass players. When Hans Gansch entered the Mozarteum for the last time as a teacher, we surprised him by playing the Hans Gansch Farewell Fanfare. This moment will remain in our hearts forever.



Carina Samitz, Manuela Seethaler, Katharina Steinhauser, Julija Krištof ( 2017): PostcARTs from Salzburg. A project developed in the seminar ‚Speaking and Writing about Art in English’. In: p/art/icipate – Kultur aktiv gestalten # 08 ,