PostcARTs from Salzburg

A project developed in the seminar ‚Speaking and Writing about Art in English’

Florian Kecht | kecht3i (Musician)
Photo title: Out of place

Society is becoming more and more connected every day — at least in a technical way. But because of this, we seem to talk less to each other and spend more time alone. As a matter of fact, loneliness is — in my opinion — one of the most relevant topics for discussion, even though it is more repressed then expressed as we reduce ourselves more and more to social profiles. From outside I see Salzburg as one of the most beautiful cities in the world — and it probably is. But in addition I unfortunately also feel a lack of honesty and realness. The artwork symbolizes the desire for friendship and closeness in real-(Salzburg-)life. As an artist living in Salzburg this is  one of the issues I’m dealing with in my music — expressed in various styles and genres (as stories and emotions are naturally always different).

Florian Kecht: Out of place

Florian Kecht: Out of place


disposed | Artist collective
Photo title: [♥] needs no ‰

It seems that Salzburg’s main focus is to provide attractive sites for tourists. While the nightlife is mostly overshadowed by stereotypes, there’s a lack of spaces for the local underground—for people who are trying to enliven their environment and make it more authentic by shaping it themselves. The vision of disposed is to use abandoned places as a starting point for creating something new and for establishing a playground and network for people to share thoughts and ideas.

Our community was founded in 2014, and the establishment of our first free space, kvartier, followed in late 2015 — a revitalization of a building on the grounds of the old Rauchmühle in Lehen. In just one -year, a great number of events, workshops, and exhibitions have taken place there, and lots of ) people have been provided with a space to present their art.

The focus is always on what is between the brackets: find your strengths, release yourself, and get together. Do what you want! As long as you fill in the blanks and it’s all about the [♥] and not the ‰!

disposed: [♥] needs no ‰

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Carina Samitz, Manuela Seethaler, Katharina Steinhauser, Julija Krištof ( 2017): PostcARTs from Salzburg. A project developed in the seminar ‚Speaking and Writing about Art in English’. In: p/art/icipate – Kultur aktiv gestalten # 08 ,